Lovecast Episode 167 – Muan

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With The BPM Festival on the horizon, we thought we’d bring in an artist based in Playa del Carmen for our 167th Lovecast episode, Akbal Music artist, Muan.

Muan has been shaping his career nicely in recent years. As an A&R and producer for Akbal Music, Muan has harnessed a knack for what sounds stand out amongst the crowd. These skills translate to his music production and DJ sets as well. Muan has released his superb tracks on Supernature, No.19 Music, Get Physical, and of course, Akbal Music.

If you’re in Playa this New Years you can catch Muan playing Flying Circus at Canibal Royale alongside Audiofly and Blond:ish, or at Akbal Music’s 10th year anniversary party at BPM featuring Robbie Akbal, Igor Vicente, Miguel Puente, and Gab Rhome at La Santanera on Sat Jan 7th.

In meantime check his latest mix and learn more about Muan in the interview below. Enjoy!

Lovecast Episode 167 – Muan
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Interview with Muan


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