Modularfield Patterns Mix

Modularfield Patterns. 16 carefully selected tunes from around the globe. Woven together in the beat with the agenda of electronica, ranging from bass and future beats to ambient and progressive tunes. What is the message? We all are different and we all are the same. Independent if you are coming from Iran, Turkey or Russia or you are from the US, UK, Japan or Sweden. We created a place to come together and share that idea. Always look for Patterns – the good and the evil ones. Take care & enjoy!

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Mix-Tracklist by Desmond Denker:

01. Desmond Denker – Zwischen den Tagen
02. Pixelord – Alfa
03. Dapayk & Padberg – Sink this Ship (Robot Koch Remix)
04. Reverbal Sign – Sunday Escape
05. Emseatee – Mother
06. the_empath – Snowdrop (Pattern Mix)
07. Dyrtbyte – 2104
08. Flourish Fill – Feed
09. Death Trap – Taste of Future
10. Stillhead – Bells
11. Bulla Fey – Alive
12. Keosz – New Blood
13. Main Engine – Xalibur Blueprint
14. Stiver – In Out
15. LLLL – Love is all we know
16. Sun Glitters X Nadine Carina – With me

Quelle: De:Bug Podcast

Datum: Freitag, 13. Januar 2017 9:58