Pirates of the Iberian peninsula: Portuguese Pirates

André Rosa | CC-BY 2.0

André Rosa | CC-BY 2.0

Da der Sperling schon in Spanien war flog er eine kleine Schleife nach Portugal und setzte sich neben André Rosa auf den Telefondraht.

Introduction (by André Rosa)

The Portuguese Pirates are founded on May 2009 in Lisbon. They are organized only online and you will find their manifesto on http://www.partidopiratapt.eu/o-movimento/manifesto/ (in portuguese).

Sperling: Hello, how are you? And what are you doing in “real life”?

André: Hi, I’m fine, thanks. I am an Android Developer, a columnist for a tech magazine and entrepreneur.

Sperling: Please tell me, what is your job in the Portuguese Pirates and when/how do you get it?

André: In the Portuguese Pirate Party, I’m the general secretary. I won the first internal election for this position when we created an association to be more than a website and a forum on the internet.

Sperling: How are the Portuguese Pirates organized?

André: We are organized like the other Portuguese Parties, we have a President, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, and six vocals. We have a jurisdiction council too.

Sperling: How many pirates are on board, can you tell us something about your members?

André: We are 14 official members plus 4,231 on Twitter and 3,094 on Facebook. Mostly we are from the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Sperling: What kind of tools do you use for the internal organization of your political work?

André: Mostly we use Mumble, Slack and LiquidFeedback

Sperling: Do you use an online-voting tool?

André: Yes we use LiquidFeedback for every decision and we use OpaVote for the internal elections. We believe in the Liquid Democracy, because the current type of democracy is worn out.

Sperling: Which channels you use in social media/the internet for contact with non-pirates?

André: We use, principally, the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and sometimes Youtube to try to reach people, and when we want to respond formally to some news or entity we use our website to make press releases.

Sperling: The Portuguese Political system is not well known in Germany, can you explain it a little bit? Is there a chance for small partys to get involved in the system?

André: Small parties here have many difficulties to be involved in the system. The only exception is the PAN party (Peoples Animals and Nature party) that in last elections achieve one deputy in Portuguese parliament. Here in Portugal, there are three types of elections: presidential, legislative and local elections. In the presidential and local one’s anyone who get enough signatures can apply to them. In legislative only parties can apply.

Sperling: Can you tell us which positions are the “central ideas” of the Portuguese Pirates?

André: We use our manifesto and the debates where we participate to communicate our ideas. We defended mostly the same ideas from the other pirate parties with little points changes to adapt to the Portuguese reality.

Sperling: What is your newest political achievement?

André: Helped in the foundation of Portuguese Pirate Party and become General Secretary of PPP.

Sperling: Did the Media report about you? Did they report of the success of the Iceland pirates?

André: Some media already reported about us since we exist, but only when appears debates about copyright reforms and things like that. No, here in Portugal the media didn’t dedicate much time on reports about Iceland elections.

Sperling: Is there anything you want to tell us about you, the Portuguese Pirates, the universe or the rest of all?

André: Anything extra anyone want to know about Portuguese Pirates you can find on our website http://partidopiratapt.eu or in our social networks pages. 🙂

Sperling: Thank you for your time, we hope we hear about you in the comming years!

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