PREMIERE — DoubtingThomas – Evolver (Gab Rhome Remix) [Akbal Music]

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French producer Aurelien Rivere alias Doubtingthomas delivers a beautiful EP here for Akbal Music, recently releasing his music in labels like 20/20 Vision, Serialism and Aman, for now he is presenting his unique organic sound to us with 3 original tracks filled with flow emotions, intelligent sounds and groovie melodies, and one remix by Gab Rhome ( Kindisch / All Day I Dream) taking the main track of the EP into a tropical ¨playa BM¨ desert sound direction and proving why the man is on top of his game. A very special record for the Akbal Music camp easy to become one of the favourites of 2016.

DoubtingThomas – Evolver (Gab Rhome Remix) [Akbal Music]

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Artist: DoubtingThomas, Gab Rhome
Title: Evolver EP
Label: Akbal Music
Release Date: 2016-10-17

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