PREMIERE — Dunmore Park – Feels Right (Original Mix) [Substation Recordings]

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Canadian artist, Dunmore Park, to releases soulful At Midnight EP on Substation Recordings out March 2nd.

Born in Edmonton, Williams is the co-founder of the city’s first electronic music production school, Night Vision Music Academy, as well as Western Canada’s first electronic-based music convention, the Alberta Electronic Music Conference. His latest project, “At Midnight,” fuses both classical and modern notes, bringing about a subtle warmth as the Canadian winter descends and the spring season bursts forth.

“Feels Right” swings between bright fixtures and tropical undertones to produce a track rich in both texture and imagination. Featuring elements reminiscent of conga drums, string guitar, and calling wildlife, “Feels Right” has the unique quaility of sounding like a jungle paradise converted into a melodic house record.

Dunmore Park – Feels Right (Original Mix) [Substation Recordings]

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Dunmore Park  At Midnight EP

Artist: Dunmore Park
Title: At Midnight EP
Label: Substation Recordings
Release Date: 2017-03-02



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