West Coast Podcast 029: Chris Hayden


SoCal native and DeepAura resident DJ, Chris Hayden, is next up on the WCP.

Soaking up infinite sonic energy from the Universe since 1988, Chris Hayden is a musical romantic. Unbound to any one specific style, Chris plays what he feels most inspired by in the moment, telling musical stories written with love and passion in equal parts.

Southern California native, and a resident of DeepAura Music, Chris has made it his life’s ambition to bring people together for the ultimate exchange of love and positive energy on the dance floor.

His sound beckons the call of deep techno, tapping firmly into the realms of the exquisitely hypnotic and ethereal forms of electronic music. Arpeggio heavy, with a touch of darkness… Chris takes the listener on an introspective mental voyage.

Keep an eye out in 2016 for Chris’s debut musical release on the DeepAura Music record label, set for a mid-summer launch date (TBA).

West Coast Podcast 029: Chris Hayden
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